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China Shenzhen Phonemax Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Phonemax Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Phonemax Technology Co., LTD. is a Chinese national high-tech enterprise, founded in 2014.We are committed to offering product definition, exclusive software& hardware customization, mass production, exporting and sustainable after-sales service, have gained great customer satisfaction by uniquely designed, industry leading rugged IP68 terminals, handheld devices as smartphones, tablets, watches and mobile IOT.Phonemax owns over 230 talented employees. About 30 experienced R&D engineers ...
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quality Rugged Mobile Phones & 5G Rugged Smartphone factory

4G Rugged Waterproof Cell Phones Compact Rugged Smartphone Waterproof IP69K



Front Camera:24MP

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Custom 5G Rugged Smartphone For Industrial Outdoor Adventures




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Phonemax X3 Most Unbreakable Phone Rugged Mobile Devices


RAM+ROM:4+64GB (6+128GB Optional)

Camera:8MP+13MP PDAF

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BT5.0 Military ATEX Rated Phone Unlocked Indestructible Mobile Phone

NFC Function:Yes

Camera:Front: 20MP FF / Rear: 20MP AF


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Stephane Tropini
2023-09-22 16:39:24
Dear Phonemax Team, I want to express my sincere gratitude for your exceptional products and service. Your commitment to quality and customer care has made our partnership truly outstanding. You are not just a supplier but a valued partner, always responsive and solution-oriented. I'm confident in the future with Phonemax by our side.
Philip ROA
2023-09-22 16:44:34
I sincerely appreciate your top-notch products and services. Phonemax is known for quality, but your genuine customer care truly shines. Your team's professionalism, quick responses, and insightful advice make you a vital partner in our success.
Икромжон Сайдатов
2023-09-22 16:45:50
I want to convey my profound appreciation for the exceptional experience your company provides. Your commitment to excellence is evident in every product and interaction. You don't just meet expectations; you exceed them. With Phonemax, we've found a reliable partner for our success.
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12000mAh Outdoor 5G Rugged Smartphone: A Powerhouse for Adventure Enthusiasts
12000mAh Outdoor 5G Rugged Smartphone: A Powerhouse for Adventure Enthusiasts
At its core lies an impressive 12000mAh battery, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and entertainment during your outdoor escapades. Bid farewell to battery concerns and embrace boundless exploration.   This rugged smartphone seamlessly integrates the speed and reliability of 5G with the durability needed to conquer the harshest environments. Be it mountain treks, wilderness camping, or extreme adventures, this device is your steadfast outdoor ally.   Key Features: 12000mAh battery for extended usage. Fast and dependable 5G connectivity. Rugged, waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof design. High-definition camera for capturing breathtaking moments. GPS and navigation for precise exploration. The 12000mAh Outdoor 5G Rugged Smartphone empowers outdoor enthusiasts to stay connected, share experiences, and navigate confidently. It's not just a phone; it's your trusted adventure companion.
Phonemax Global Frequency Band 4G Rugged Smart Phone,Your New Companion for Outdoor Adventures
Phonemax Global Frequency Band 4G Rugged Smart Phone,Your New Companion for Outdoor Adventures
This smartphone not only supports a wide range of 4G bands but also boasts outstanding rugged capabilities, including waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof features. Whether you find yourself atop a mountain, in the desert, or deep in the jungle, it excels in various extreme environments, ensuring you stay connected at all times.   In addition, this phone comes equipped with a high-resolution camera and advanced navigation technology, allowing you to capture stunning outdoor moments and navigate to your destination effortlessly. Its impressive battery life and rechargeable capabilities ensure uninterrupted communication during your outdoor adventures.   Whether you're hiking, camping, skiing, or deep-sea diving, the outdoor rugged smartphone with global 4G band support will become your indispensable companion, helping you explore the world, share your adventure stories, and derive more joy from your outdoor activities.
Introducing the Rugged Tablet with Honeywell Scan Head – The Ultimate Solution for Precision Scanning
Introducing the Rugged Tablet with Honeywell Scan Head – The Ultimate Solution for Precision Scanning
At its core, this rugged tablet is equipped with a state-of-the-art Honeywell Scan Head, known for its unparalleled scanning accuracy and speed. Whether it's inventory management, logistics, healthcare, or field services, this tablet empowers professionals to capture data with utmost precision and efficiency.   Designed to withstand the toughest conditions, the rugged tablet boasts impressive durability, making it resistant to drops, water, dust, and extreme temperatures. Its ruggedized construction ensures it can thrive in challenging settings, from busy warehouses to remote job sites.   The tablet's user-friendly interface and seamless integration with existing systems make it a versatile tool for businesses seeking operational excellence. It simplifies data capture, minimizes errors, and maximizes productivity, allowing organizations to save time and resources.   Furthermore, the extended battery life and powerful processing capabilities ensure that it can handle demanding tasks without missing a beat. Its portability, combined with the Honeywell Scan Head's precision, makes it the perfect companion for professionals on the go.
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