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6.67 Inch FHD Ips 1080*2400 Rugged 5G Phones With 21MP 48MP 16MP 2MP 0.3MP Camera

6.67 Inch FHD Ips 1080*2400 Rugged 5G Phones With 21MP 48MP 16MP 2MP 0.3MP Camera

6.67 Inch Rugged 5G Phones

Rugged 5G Phones With 0.3MP Camera

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Product Details
Phonemax P10
MTK6833 8-Core
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
10 pcs
Packaging Details
packing box(optional)+Product+specification+USB(Type-c)+charger+SIM PIN
Delivery Time
5-7 Business Days
Payment Terms
T/T, D/A, L/C, Paypal, Western Union, T/T
Supply Ability
5000 pcs per month
Product Description

6.67 Inch FHD Ips 1080*2400 Rugged 5G Phones With 21MP 48MP 16MP 2MP 0.3MP Camera

Product Description:

5G Rugged Smartphone

The 5G Rugged Smartphone is a revolutionary and high-performance phone designed for users who demand durability and toughness in their devices. This smartphone is the perfect combination of robustness, reliability, and advanced technology, making it the ideal choice for those who live an active and adventurous lifestyle.

Dustproof and Waterproof

This rugged smartphone is built to withstand the toughest environments, making it an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts, construction workers, and anyone who needs a reliable and durable phone. With an IP69K rating, this phone is completely dustproof and can withstand high-pressure water jets, making it perfect for use in dusty and wet conditions.

Shockproof Design

The 5G Rugged Smartphone is designed to handle drops, bumps, and shocks, making it the ultimate shockproof phone. It is built with a sturdy and durable body that can withstand even the most extreme conditions. Whether you accidentally drop it, or it falls from a height, this phone will remain intact and functional.

Powerful Processor and RAM

This rugged smartphone is equipped with a powerful MTK6833 8-Core processor, providing lightning-fast performance and seamless multitasking. With 12GB of RAM, this phone can handle even the most demanding apps and games, ensuring a smooth and lag-free experience.

5G Network Connectivity

Stay connected wherever you go with the 5G network connectivity of this rugged smartphone. With 5G technology, you can enjoy ultra-fast internet speeds, seamless video streaming, and lag-free online gaming. Say goodbye to slow internet connections and hello to lightning-fast speeds with this phone.

Compact and Portable

Despite its rugged and durable design, this smartphone is surprisingly compact and portable. With a size of 179.8x88.6x19.5mm, it can easily fit into your pocket or bag, making it convenient to carry around wherever you go.

The Ultimate Celular Rugged Phone

The 5G Rugged Smartphone is not just a phone; it is a reliable and versatile companion for your everyday adventures. Whether you're hiking, camping, or working in extreme conditions, this phone will be your ultimate rugged companion. Get ready to experience the power, durability, and advanced technology of the 5G Rugged Smartphone.



  • Product Name: 5G Rugged Smartphone
  • Display: 6.67 Inch FHD+ Ips 1080*2400
  • Size: 179.8x88.6x19.5mm
  • Name: Phonemax P10
  • Network: 5G
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • celular rugged
  • toughest cell phone
  • toughest cell phone 5G
  • rugged phone 5G


6.67 Inch FHD Ips 1080*2400 Rugged 5G Phones With 21MP 48MP 16MP 2MP 0.3MP Camera 06.67 Inch FHD Ips 1080*2400 Rugged 5G Phones With 21MP 48MP 16MP 2MP 0.3MP Camera 1

Technical Parameters:

5G Rugged Smartphone Technical Specifications
Product Attribute Specifications
Size 179.8x88.6x19.5mm
Fingerprint Yes
Waterproof IP68
Processor MTK6833 8-Core
Weight 420g
Dustproof IP69K
Battery 12000mAh
Display 6.67 Inch FHD+ Ips 1080*2400
Shockproof YES

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Phonemax P10 - 5G Rugged Smartphone
Phonemax P10
Brand Name: Phonemax
Model Number: P10
Place of Origin: China
Certification: IP68/CE/MIL-STO-810G
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 pcs
Price: $259-$319
Packaging Details: packing box(optional)+Product+specification+USB(Type-c)+charger+SIM PIN
Delivery Time: 5-7 Business Days
Payment Terms: T/T, D/A, L/C, Paypal, Western Union, T/T
Supply Ability: 5000 pcs per month
Size: 179.8x88.6x19.5mm
OS: Android 12
Waterproof: IP68
Fingerprint: Yes

The Phonemax P10 is the ultimate 5G rugged smartphone designed for those who require a tough and reliable device in extreme conditions. With its unbreakable build and advanced features, this phone is suitable for various applications and scenarios.

The P10 is IP68 certified, meaning it is completely waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. It can withstand being submerged in water for up to 30 minutes and dropped from a height of 1.5 meters. This ruggedness makes it perfect for use in industrial environments, construction sites, and outdoor activities.

Equipped with the latest Android 12 operating system, the P10 offers a smooth and efficient user experience. Its 5G capability ensures fast internet speed, allowing for reliable communication even in remote areas. The fingerprint feature adds an extra layer of security to protect your sensitive information.

The Phonemax P10 is a durable and long-lasting phone that can withstand extreme sports and adventure. Its tough build makes it suitable for military use and emergency situations where reliable communication is crucial. With its reliable performance, this phone is also ideal for everyday use by individuals who require a rugged device.

Application Scenarios
Product Scenarios

The Phonemax P10 is designed to withstand extreme conditions and is suitable for a variety of applications and scenarios, including:

  • Outdoor activities (hiking, camping, fishing, etc.)
  • Industrial use (construction, manufacturing, etc.)
  • Military use
  • Emergency situations (natural disasters, accidents, etc.)
  • Harsh environments (deserts, mountains, etc.)
  • Extreme sports (rock climbing, skiing, etc.)
  • Remote areas with limited connectivity

With its unbreakable and reliable performance, the Phonemax P10 ensures that you stay connected and have access to fast internet speeds even in the most challenging situations.


Packing and Shipping:

5G Rugged Smartphone Packaging and Shipping

Our 5G Rugged Smartphone is carefully packaged to ensure its safety and protection during shipping. Here is a breakdown of our packaging and shipping process:

  • The smartphone is first wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap to prevent any damage during handling.
  • It is then placed in a sturdy cardboard box with foam inserts to provide extra cushioning.
  • The box is sealed with strong tape to secure the contents.
  • For international shipments, the box is labeled with appropriate customs declarations and handling instructions.
  • We offer worldwide shipping through trusted carriers such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS.
  • Customers can choose from standard or expedited shipping options at checkout.
  • Our team carefully monitors the shipping process to ensure timely delivery and updates customers with tracking information.
  • We also offer free shipping for orders over $100.

With our reliable packaging and shipping process, you can trust that your 5G Rugged Smartphone will arrive safely and in perfect condition. Thank you for choosing our product!



  • Q: What is the brand of this product?
  • A: The brand of this product is Phonemax.
  • Q: What is the model number of this product?
  • A: The model number of this product is P10.
  • Q: Where is this product manufactured?
  • A: This product is manufactured in China.
  • Q: What certifications does this product have?
  • A: This product has IP68, CE, and MIL-STO-810G certifications.
  • Q: What is the minimum order quantity for this product?
  • A: The minimum order quantity for this product is 10 pcs.
  • Q: What is the price range for this product?
  • A: The price for this product ranges from $259 to $319.
  • Q: What is included in the packaging of this product?
  • A: The packaging of this product includes a packing box (optional), the product itself, a specification sheet, a USB Type-C cable, a charger, and a SIM PIN.
  • Q: How long does it take for this product to be delivered?
  • A: The delivery time for this product is 5-7 business days.
  • Q: What are the accepted payment methods for this product?
  • A: The accepted payment methods for this product are T/T, D/A, L/C, Paypal, Western Union, and T/T.
  • Q: What is the supply ability for this product?
  • A: The supply ability for this product is 5000 pcs per month.

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