Hongkong Fair

Released on Apr. 25, 2019

Recently, Phonemax has attended the world's largest electronics exhibition, Global Source Show. The exhibition has 

attracted more than 3600 suppliers.

Hongkong Fair

At the fair, Phonemax has released several new rugged smartphone and rugged feature phone, like Rocky 4, Rocky 4 pro 

and the Fighter 1, Fighter 2 and Fighter 3, which has arisen visitor's attention and inquiries. The Rocky 4  pro and Fighter 3 were very popularly inquired,

cause both are support DMR(Digital Mobile Radio), it  can achieve intercome function without wifi and internet. 

Hongkong Fair

During the exhibition,  Phonemax has met many  good partners. They have give us the feedback and ideas from the end user, which helps  

us move forward.